4 Services You May Not Know NEGA Contracting Provides

Posted by Northeast Georgia Contracting on Aug 23, 2019 2:24:04 PM

Here at Northeast Georgia Contracting, we’re known for being seasoned bush hogging, land clearing, demolition and forestry mulching pros.  But did you know that we also offer a variety of other services for properties (both large and small!) such as professional pond management, fencing and storm cleanup?

If you have acreage in need of maintenance, Northeast Georgia Contracting is there to help give your property the expert care it deserves.

Here are four services you may not have known (until now) that we provide to help keep your land beautiful:

1. Storm Cleanup

storm damage removal service

It can be nearly impossible to predict exactly when a storm might blow through and cause damage to an area of land and the properties surrounding it. Unexpected natural phenomena such as heavy rain, hail, strong winds and flooding can all knock down trees, and scatter debris and branches all over you property.

Fortunately, our team at Northeast Georgia Contracting has extensive experience clearing debris and restoring land after a storm so you don’t have to go it alone. 

You likely won't have time to search the Internet for storm clearing companies immediately following a storm, so save our phone number right now just in case: 762-499-0875.

It is our sincere hope that you never need to use our storm clean up services, but if you do, NGC will be right by your side to help you  clean up every step of the way. 


2. Equestrian Style Fencing and Gates

fencing company northeast georiga

fencing service near mefour board fence georgia

From construction to full perimeter paint jobs, Northeast Georgia Contracting is skilled at fence building and maintenance to meet both recreational and agricultural needs. Our four-board fences are among some of our most popular styles, and give our customers a highly stable and functional addition to their property while also adding a touch of rustic beauty. 

Are you interested in fencing your property but unsure of how much to invest? Give us a call today for a free estimate! 

3. Debris Removal 

debris removal servicesdebris removal near me

As a landowner, there are few things more inconvenient than giving precious lawn space to unwanted, unusable materials left over from an old project, repair job, or collapsed shed. Whether you’ve been living on your property for years or just inherited it, you’re not without options when it comes to the safe removal and disposal of those unseemly scraps. Northeast Georgia Contracting can help homeowners tidy up their property by doing all the heavy lifting - just give us a call


4. Pond Maintenance

pond management service near mepond management maintanence

Well-maintained ponds and spillways improve water quality, prevent erosion and flooding, and enhance a pond’s appearance. If you find the right professionals to keep your pond healthy and well-maintained, pond management doesn't have to be stressful process. Our team at Northeast Georgia Contracting has years of experience and knowledge maintaining ponds and will put that expertise to work for you. Contact us to discuss your pond management needs. 

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