Safety First is the #1 Rule for Demolition

Posted by Northeast Georgia Contracting on Mar 5, 2019 3:10:00 PM

Thanks to Chip Gaines, the phrase “demo day” is now something many DIY home renovators have adopted on their own - smashing old beams, pulling out tired drywall, collapsing roofs and tearing down old cabinets has become a fun way to get blood pumping and reduce old, broken things to debris while making room for the new.

But demolition, especially larger-scale projects like sheds, houses and commercial buildings, takes more than a few weekend warriors with sledgehammers to get the job done.

Safely performing a demolition takes time, skill, and an understanding of safety protocol to make sure the job is done with minimal environmental hazards and physical injury. At Northeast Georgia Contracting, our team of demolition experts bring professional knowledge and years of industry experience to make sure every demo is performed the right way.


Here are some of the reasons hiring a demolition expert saves you time and money while minimizing the risk of injury and property damage.

  • Pros know how to perform inspections. Prior to any commercial or residential building being torn down, an inspection of the property must take place to make sure things like utilities are turned off, ground lines aren’t at risk of being tampered and potential accidents such as fire or electrocution are contained. A demo team will know what to look for and can make sure a proper survey of the property is performed before any machinery is brought in.
  • Pros can control the demolition and prevent injury using proper containment. Containing a demolition is a part of the demo process that can easily get passed over, but is what makes the difference between a professional and a layperson. Removal of construction debris and strategic dismantling of the structure are baked in to what you get when you hire a demolition contractor, meaning you won’t need to worry about set up, clean up and anything in between.
  • Pros wear bodily protection and respiratory protection. Proper footwear, eye protection, body protection and respiratory filtration systems are all necessities for any person working on a demolition site - and a contractor will show up to the job with every protection required to prevent injury and ensure the safety of their team.
  • Pros keep first aid and emergency services on hand, just in case. No matter how careful any person or professional team is when performing on site, industrial demolition and commercial demolition always come with some risk of bodily harm. By hiring a professional contractor for demolition, you can rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event of emergency, first aid and emergency services will be nearby and ready to jump into action, minimizing the amount of time between the accident and necessary medical treatment.


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