The Benefits of Forestry Mulching

Posted by Northeast Georgia Contracting on Sep 19, 2019 8:46:37 PM

Mulching, or forestry mulching, is the process of converting leftover brush, trees and heavy branches into a biodegradable layer of ground covering. Instead of worrying about hauling out fallen trees and unwanted remnants at the tail end of a land clearing project, mulching is a fast, affordable and environmentally-conscious way to create a natural protective barrier over the soil while restabilizing the ground and encouraging native plant growth.

Read on to learn the many benefits of forestry mulching, and how to connect with the best forestry mulching contractors near you!


What are the Benefits of Forestry Mulching? 

  • Zero Waste. By nature, mulching is a way to reuse landscaping leftovers that would have otherwise been hauled off to the landfill. With the help of a knowledgeable team and a forestry mulcher, you can turn unwanted logs, decomposing wood and acres of overgrowth into an even restorative layer of earth that nourishes the topsoil and limits the regrowth of invasive species like kudzu, buckthorn or poison oak.
  • Reduce the Number of Ticks. With the rising spread of ticks and tick-borne illnesses, there’s never been a better time to mulch your property and limit the opportunity for an unwanted guest to return home on your clothing or exposed skin. The absence of forestry overgrowth means a substantial reduction in the residential tick population, which also means you won’t need to worry about venturing into your backyard or letting the dog run around your property in fear of encountering a tick nest hidden in the dense brush.
  • Quick and Can be Done at Any Time of Year. Thanks to the straightforward process of converting acreage into mulch, forestry mulching can be done in hot, chilly, wet or dry climates. And not only is mulching a versatile, eco-friendly option for reusing discarded elements of nature; landscaping professionals can mulch up to 2-3 acres in a day!
  • Eliminate Cost of Hauling Debris. No more dragging heavy trees or lugging truck beds full of branches across your property for disposal - with forestry mulching, all vegetation leftover from land clearing can be converted into a nourishing layer of ground covering, right there on the spot. 
Do I need a permit? The easy answer is, no. Thanks to its mechanical simplicity (no clearing or hauling needed), mulching land requires no formal permits or permissions, and the project can generally be started and completed on the same day. 

Can You Mulch My Property?

The team at NGC has years of experience working with landowners across North Georgia mulching all types of property.

If you’re thinking about clearing your land, are interested in mulching or just need help determining how to best utilize your property, give us a call today at 762-499-0875.

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